Project Description


The Drawing Machine Project

In line with the Greek definition of machine, Drawing Machine does not produce drawings autonomously. Instead, Drawing Machine becomes activated by two or more participants, creating a form of direct communication without words. The process creates a situation of vulnerability and contact in which people generate an image together which is not a representation, but rather a poetic manifestation of their encounter.

So far, the Drawing Machine has been travelling through Europe, Thailand and Israel.
Here you will find an essay by philosopher Karin Hutflötz about the elemental concept of the Drawing Machine.

World Cup Soccer Images

The drawings of the series “World Cup Soccer Images” are each created in two time spans of 45 minutes, life during the World Cup games 2014. The pencil line follows the course of the ball during the game, showing overlays, concentrations, free spaces, stop breaks (for example: ”offside“, ”free kick” ” foul ”, ”Goal”…).

The team changeover is followed by a 180 degree rotation of the sheet. In this series it is possible to grasp the perception of a defined period of time “in one glance”. The agglomeration of pencil strokes becomes equal to the concentration of time.

Pencil on paper, each 50×70 cm, 2014